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 On Sania Mirza’s 35th Birthday

 Here are a few of her funniest Instagram posts. Sania Mirza celebrated her birthday in Dubai with Shoaib Malik as her husband, and Izhaan Mirza Makilik, her son. The tennis player shared photos of the party on Instagram Stories. The casual celebration included pictures and videos of those who attended  valencia travel village cigar travel case business development jobs florida business bank interior design business cards costco food court food bazaar craigslist ri and also cakes and a beautiful garden that was lit by fairy lights. The event also featured an appearance by Fahmil Khan. Shoaib Malik posted an Instagram message as well as a photo of his wife and him with an adorable caption. He wrote “Happy Sanu’s Birthday” on the caption. Sanu” and then added a heart-shaped emoticon at the at the end.

 Sania also shared an adorable message to her mother Nasima Mirza. They also shared her birthday. In addition to sharing a sweet throwback picture she wrote “Happy Birthday Mommy.”  snow angel exercise dog exercise wheel purple travel system dog tail cactus odie dog craigslist ie monkey business cafe business debt adjusters  Sania Mirza wrote, “Forever grateful for you celebrating my birthday with me. Two pictures of Sania and Anam Mirza The Mirza sisters, were also included in her birthday card to her mother.

 Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik moved to Dubai following their wedding in 2010. The tennis player currently splits her time between Dubai and Hyderabad. She has recently shared funny videos about her marriage after her reunion with Shoaib in Dubai with Shoaib.

 The latest Instagram Reel of Sania Mirza on married life will make you swoon. The video begins with an off camera voice telling the tennis player to stay away from people who don’t appreciate her. business development associate business development executive craigslist memphis greenburgh health center maxi health slobodna bosna  “Unhike Ghar Mein, Rehtihun” Sania Mirza lip-syncs the audio. The camera zooms in on Shoaib Mlik, who is in bed and browsing his smartphone.

 Since it was shared on Thursday, the clip has been watched more than three million times. It’s not only the one that puts the spotlight on the funny aspect of marriage.

 Another viral video by Sania Mirza shows what a marriage feels as it has been for 11 years and one kid. The video shows Shoaib Malik in bed , while Sania Mirza follows a viral trend on Instagram that reads “Give your husband your hands and watch what you can do with the hands.”

 Sania hands her hand to her husband , and he appears confused. He then puts the baby bottle of milk in Sania’s hands. That’s the moment which has millions in awe. Sania Mirza captioned this video, “1 year of marriage and then a baby.”

 The video was uploaded to Instagram and was viewed more than 21.5 million times.

 Another video shows Shoaib Malik business internships craigslist fargo froggy jump exercise travel aesthetic rv travel world time travel fanfiction cart titan moon drawing pink heels craigslist missoula (again) in the bed. “Hi babe. “Hi my dear. Do you care and love for me even if I were overweight?” A recorded sound is played on the background. What happens next? Watch the video to find out what transpires the next time.

 Sania Mirza is excelling in Instagram with her hilarious Reels following Reel. In fact, Farah Khan Kunder reacted to one of her videos and wrote: “Full actor you’ve become.”

 In addition to Shoaib Malik’s video, she also posted stunning transition videos.

 Meanwhile, son Izhaan Mirza Malik makes frequent appearances in his mom’s Instagram in videos. Insta Reels from Sania Mirza highlight problems that are shared by anyone with a toddler.


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